Send the joyful world of Iwako Puzzle Eraser from Japan to the children all over the world – with the safe and high quality at the reasonable price same as in Japan.

It is our mission of Iwako Global Co., Ltd. to achieve our goal by the strong cooperation with Iwako Co., Ltd.


We take the tests for Toy Safety Standards of every markets in order to distribute our products to the customers all over the world.

By following this procedure, we can put the marks on the packages showing that our products comply to those standards. Most famous mark is CE marking for EU market.

  • CE marking
  • KC mark
  • Gulf Conformity Marking

Localization for the global markets

Iwako work with the official distributors for the over seas markets.

Iwako localize the packages by applying the safety marks and descriptions following the standards of each markets in order to distribute to the overseas markets healthily with the cooperation with the distributors.









To expand the recognition of Iwako in the world, we exhibit at the international trade fairs.

We develop the booth concept every time to express the attraction of Iwako Puzzle Eraser which keep growing to the guests from the other countries effectively.

Past trade fairs (2019~2020)

  • Spielwarenmesse (Nuremburg, Germany)
  • Paperworld (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • China International Import Exposition (Shanghai, China)

And more local fairs exhibited by Iwako official distributors

  • Autumn Fair (Birmingham, UK)
  • NY Toy Fair (NY, USA)
  • Hong Kong Book Fair (Hong Kong)


Product Development & Proposal

Do you know why Iwako Puzzle Eraser is called “Puzzle Eraser” ?

Not just an ordinary eraser or figurine, but “Puzzle Eraser”.

Its unique feature to take them in the parts and put them back and its quality are highly appreciated.

To refresh and remember this unique feature of Iwako, Iwako Global Co., Ltd. develop the new Iwako products originally and they all are available for domestic and overseas markets.



Be more colorful! 5 pieces in the same design, so you can enjoy changing the parts in different colors as you like.

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Blocks made of erasers – Soft and No hurt! Or even you can cut them with scissors easily to make your own pieces.

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Clips with the cute illustrations of Iwako’s favorite characters.

Cheer up your daily scenes with IWAKO CLIPS easy to handle.

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