Quality Guaranteed as an “Eraser”
Proved by the result of eraser performance test as

Eraser performance test is an official test for the plastic eraser by JIS 6050 4.4 whose standard value is 80% and the result of Iwako eraser significantly exceeds it.

The features of Iwako Puzzle Eraser are not only this high performance as an eraser.

The cute eye-catching designs, the wide variety and the toy features to play like a puzzle are unique features of Iwako.

Comply to Safety Standards of the Overseas countries
By taking the toy safety tests through the third party testing laboratory, Iwako comply to those standards.

Each countries have their own Toy Safety Standards to avoid the choking accidents by the child and Iwako comply to those standards.

Iwako localize the packages by applying the safety marks and descriptions following the standards of each markets in order to distribute to the overseas markets.

By taking the safety tests through the third party testing laboratory, Iwako provide the test reports to the retailers through our official distributors in the world.

Complied Safety Standards of the World

  • EN71 part 1-3
  • CPSIA/ASTM F 963
  • GSO EN71 part 1-3


IP Registration Right
Iwako’s trade mark and all IP designs are registered.

Iwako register not only the trade mark but all the product designs to the patent authorities in each countries.

To manufacture and to sell the copied products are strictly prohibited and to be claimed.


□■ Case in Spain □■

Our Spanish distributor, Miquelrius, claimed the infringement of designs based on the design registration for European countries to the company who sold the copied products of Iwako in Spain.  The claim was admitted and the company collected all the copied products from the market, and signed the the settlement agreement in a peaceful manner. 


Click HERE for a copy of Settlement Agreement (Spanish)

Beware of Copied products

The launch of Iwako Puzzle Eraser was in 1974 after 6 years of its foundation in 1968.

As the recognition of Iwako Puzzle Eraser increased in overseas, the copied products mostly made in China also increased in the markets.

The most essential key to ban those copied products is to take the action “NOT TO BUY” them by the cunsumers.

By learning how to recognize Iwako products from the copied, please select the safe and genuine Iwako Puzzle Eraser.

How to recognize authentic “Iwako” and copied products




Iwako is strongly particular about the colors by selecting or toning the colors in order to make the small erasers most attractive.

The number of colors Iwako use is surprising.

The color of copied is dull and not rich.





Burr is the parts that the material protruding from the mold and hardening by cold and the most

significant difference from Iwako and the copied is this burr.

There is no burr with genuine Iwako products because they are produced by the fine and delicate mold with the professional production circumstances by the long experience.





Same as the burr, Iwako can produce the beautiful erasers to assemble perfectly by the fine and delicate mold whose material is not worn by the time and the skills of production under the different environment of temperature, consistency, pressure.

The copied has the gap between the parts and the inside parts are visible because of the burr.





The copied are made of very soft materials, so its performance as the eraser is very low and hard to take in the parts and assemble.

It is totally different product from genuine Iwako Puzzle Eraser.





All the parts and details of genuine Iwako erasers are produced to play as the puzzle repeatedly.

The copied does not have these details so that they can not be assembled again once they are taken in the parts.