OEM & Customize

Iwako Puzzle Eraser can be applied to the various scenes for your companies and shops.

To produce the completely original design of eraser from the mold is “OEM” and to use the standard design of Iwako eraser and add the modification is “Customize”.

※For overseas customers, please contact Iwako Global Co., Ltd.


What You can DO with Iwako


Change of color

Iwako can produce the various designs of eraser.

You can customize the eraser by changing the color of a part or entire eraser to the same color as your corporate color.


MOQ 10,000 pcs



Customization of sticker

It is perfect to promote your product and brand.

By applying the sticker on the eraser, a small figurine performs as a good advertisement!

There are 2 ways to apply the sticker; 1) to wrap the eraser completely and 2) to apply the sticker on the flat face.


MOQ 10,000 pcs


Customization of Insert Card

“Insert Card” which is to produce the original design of paper card to insert in the clear OP bag is easy and recommended for the small lot project and is popular for the giveaway for the events.


MOQ 10,000 pcs


Customization of package

“Customized package” which is to produce the original design of OP bag brings the quality to sell as the finished product.

With the standard design of Iwako eraser, it is necessary to print Iwako logo on the package besides your logo.


MOQ 10,000 pcs




Iwako is here to produce your ONLY ONE original eraser in the world!
We are confident that you will be satisfied with “Made in Japan” quality and the rich experience of Iwako.

The accuracy and delicate arrangement which Iwako can manage through this experience is essential for the production especially if you need to produce a big volume.


MOQ Not specific, but not recommended for the small lot project.




  • Lavender soft ice cream

  • Unicorn

  • Kirin Beer

  • JAF

  • Cup Noodle

  • PET bottles

  • car

  • Megmilk

  • Working machine

  • cheese

  • Cup ice

  • alien

  • KitKat

  • LaQ

  • Overdrive

  • Hatsablet

  • Saitama Stadium


  • uniform

  • Meiji

  • Amulet

  • Chicken Ramen

  • Lettuce Hanako

  • McShake

  • drink




No, unfortunately we can not provide the sample because we have to produce the mold first in case of OEM for the original eraser from the mold. In case of the change of color with the standard eraser, we can provide the sample by data, but not the physical sample of eraser.
Yes, but we may ask you to include Iwako's logo or information.
Yes, Iwako maintain and stock, so Iwako can start promptly in case of the reproduction.
Yes, we tone as much as possible to the color you choose with PANTONE or any color code.
Any color can be reproduced unless it is very special. If you can specify it with a code such as Pantone, we will adjust the color more precisely.
We manufacture the plastic stationery; for example, pencil cap, sharpener, ruler and pencase. Please contact Iwako Global Co., Ltd. for more information.
Yes, we can manage to obtain the report for you with your expense.
From 2 weeks to 4 months depending on the type of OEM and quantity. Please contact Iwako Global Co., Ltd.
Yes, but please understand the price would be different from the one time payment.