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Long-established notebook brand in Spain. After some transitions from the foundation of 1837, Miquelrius become a leading brand in the world and distribute to over 60 countries.

Miquelrius is the brand of not only paper products representing their notebooks manufactured at their own factory located in the suburb of Barcelona but also the wide range of products for “Writing” to all ages by combining the fashion and design with stationery.



Miquelrius A5 Ring Notebook

Miquelrius is well known for their A5 Ring Notebook, but it is not famous that they firstly applied 5mm grid sheet and perforated line to the notebook which is very common trend nowadays.



A ring notebook featured by 5mm grid sheet, perforated line and filing holes represent Miquelrius.

We recommend Miquelrius which bring us the rediscovery of joy for “Writing” with the colorful ruled lines and indexes especially in this age of technology.


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