Iwako Blocks Event at JUNKUDO Takatsuki

IWAKO BLOCKSⓇ Buffet will be held at JUNKUDO Matsuzakaya Takatsuki in Osaka

for 3 days of Golden Week at the first time in Kansai area!

You can pick and put in the bag as many as you like from the variety of block parts in the tubes.

Use as an eraser as it is or assemble to create your original eraser!


Everybody loves and enjoys this Buffet, so please come and join!



Because it is an eraser-made block, children can handle easily and create the original block parts

by cutting with scissors.  AND it is truly an eraser so you can use it as an ERASER. 

Moreover, by re-assembling the eraser blocks, kids can enjoy 2 WAY with 1 kit!

17 different designs of Assembly Kit are available.  



■ Date & Time: April 29th to May 1st, from 10:00 – 17:00

■ Venue: Side of Cashier in JUNKUDO Matsuzakaya Takatsuki